Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Drought 2014

We have not had rain for quite some time.  I've posted some new inspirations on the Facebook page which you can follow on this link below:

Facebook Daily Post in Studio

I try to post what I'm working on daily on Facebook so do follow along.

A dinner workshop this past week at was a great inspiration.

Textile artist Sasha Duerr lead an event on natural dyes made from plants.

Here's my samples of fabric made from onion skins, mint, sour grass, beluga lentils, citrus peel and lentils with iron:

Highly recommend the dinner by Chef Kelsie Kerr.  We dipped the fabric in bowls prepared for us and then dined on the delicious menu below:

Kelsie Kerr is a passionate chef and teacher dedicated to cooking seasonal, local food and establishing connections with small farms and ranchers. Kelsie, former Chef of Chez Panisse and co-author of The Art of Simple Food and The Art of Simple Food II is opening Standard Fare, a new take-home eatery, in early 2014.

Blood orange and mint aperitif
Onion tart, radishes, olives

Mixed chicories and citrus with sour grass and sheep's milk ricotta croutons
Braised Watson lamb shoulder with carrots and fried rosemary, Annabelle's coco nero beans, and potato-celery root gratin
Dates, mandarins, and Meyer lemon curd thumbprint cookies
Mint tisane

I may have to check in with my Shaman sister for a rain dance.  Hopefully, soon!


  1. Tracey, I absolutely love the fabric samples, very cool...when are you going to make something more than samples from them?!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. These were samples from the workshop to determine color palettes. I'm using the pigments in my current paintings so do check back in to see finished results!