Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Living The Dream

That's right.

Living the Dream....Twice!

Though I miss so many New York moments, friendships and family, the world that I've created is pretty damn epic.

Now if I could just decide between the latest titles texted to me from my private titler:

"Stepping Through Vines"
"Veiled Fort"
"Magic Comes to Dinner"
"In Your Cloak"

I'm kinda feeling a sound track with all of this:

"Edge Of The Ocean"
There's a place I dream about 
Where the sun never goes out. 
And the sky is deep and blue. 
Won't you take me there with you. 

Ohhh, we can begin again. 
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in. 
At the edge of the ocean 
We can start over again. 

There's a world I've always known 
Somewhere far away from home. 
When I close my eyes I see 
All the space and mystery. 

Ohhh, we can begin again. 
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in. 
At the edge of the ocean 
We can start over again.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Pieces in the Drought Series

Starting to post the work here for sale.  Check it out~

They came out pretty interesting!

Also, continuing on crushed eggshells and due to pouring rain for four days, eggshells are all over the outdoor studio.  Here is one of my favorite pieces.  Will be hard to part with!

The drop cloth is looking pretty lived in.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Drought 2014

We have not had rain for quite some time.  I've posted some new inspirations on the Facebook page which you can follow on this link below:

Facebook Daily Post in Studio

I try to post what I'm working on daily on Facebook so do follow along.

A dinner workshop this past week at was a great inspiration.

Textile artist Sasha Duerr lead an event on natural dyes made from plants.

Here's my samples of fabric made from onion skins, mint, sour grass, beluga lentils, citrus peel and lentils with iron:

Highly recommend the dinner by Chef Kelsie Kerr.  We dipped the fabric in bowls prepared for us and then dined on the delicious menu below:

Kelsie Kerr is a passionate chef and teacher dedicated to cooking seasonal, local food and establishing connections with small farms and ranchers. Kelsie, former Chef of Chez Panisse and co-author of The Art of Simple Food and The Art of Simple Food II is opening Standard Fare, a new take-home eatery, in early 2014.

Blood orange and mint aperitif
Onion tart, radishes, olives

Mixed chicories and citrus with sour grass and sheep's milk ricotta croutons
Braised Watson lamb shoulder with carrots and fried rosemary, Annabelle's coco nero beans, and potato-celery root gratin
Dates, mandarins, and Meyer lemon curd thumbprint cookies
Mint tisane

I may have to check in with my Shaman sister for a rain dance.  Hopefully, soon!

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 2013

After the dog managed to destroy yet another piece of work, I decided to venture out of the canyon for some art hopping.  It was great to see Roberta Smith in town last night at the opening of  Julian Lethbridge's show at Berggruen.  Wondering where Jerry was?  And, of course, got a giggle when I asked her how she handles the antics.  Piece of work this one.

Julian Lethbridge was quite nice and though I yammered about longing for New York they reminded me of the beauty of San Francisco.  Too bad they were just in for the night as would have invited them over for scrambled eggs in the morning.

Since I'm in the process of a lot of layer with my show coming up with at the SF Writers' Grotto (Yes, I'm going to take a class soon and get this writing thing over with.) I love Julian's use of layering over and over on these large scale abstract works.  Should have asked how long these paintings take to produce.  Guess another trip is needed.

                                       Julian Lethbridge,  | Oil and paint stick on canvas, 70 x 56 inches.

Then, I popped over to pop up retail space where my friend, Michelle Ticknor, Director of Curation + Content at  managed quite a feat in opening in 5 weeks for the holiday season.  They are showcasing some great, affordable prints so do stop in at 117 Post Street, San Francisco.

Next Friday, November 15th at the please join us for a show entitled, "Random Bloomers"    5:30- 8:30  Should be quite entertaining!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Francisco Open Studios this weekend 10-19/10-20

Obviously, I prefer Facebook to Blogging so seems this medium here may be a quarterly post.

I post weekly project and pieces that I'm currently working on here:

Here are two events that will be happing in October and November:

SF Open Studios
The first show is part of the Artspan SF Open Studios weekend. I will have a few works in a group show at Big Umbrella Studios,  a small gallery located at 906.5 Divisadero Street (at McAllister). Some of you have seen these at the "Dhyan" show at the Mill Valley Library this past summer.  The opening is this Friday, October 11, 7pm-11pm.  I will also be at the studio/gallery for full-day studio visits (11am-6pm) during the first SF Open Studios weekend of October 19th and 20th.  Feel free to come to the opening or to visit me during studio hours on Saturday or Sunday (which will be more mellow).  Hoping to be working on a piece during this time as well.  Bring the kids!

The Grotto
On November 15th (a Friday night) from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., I will be in a two-person show at The Grotto with my friend Al Grumet   The Grotto is a writer''s space near South Park at 490 2nd street, 2nd floor (between Stillman and Bryant).  It's an interesting office space for writers .  This should make for a stimulating evening of mingling with artists and writers. 

October is the month for the Bay.  This view never gets old.

Looking forward to catching up with some of  you!